South Africa the Rainbow Nation: a fantastic journey through the history of Cape Town.

Daily Tour 75 minutes
Cape Town, South Africa South Africa

This tour is very historical and focuses a lot on the shaping of society. Explaining the buildings and the monuments, we will walk through the history of Cape Town since the arrival of the first European explorers. We will focus on various ethnic groups that have shaped South Africa over the past three and a half centuries.

The tour will depart from Strand Street, where the Castle of Good Hope is located. History will be retracing various crucial periods of European, Asian and African history. The fundamental purpose of the tour is to understand why many different cultures live together despite the troubled past. By the end of the tour, it will be easy to understand why South Africa is fondly called “The Rainbow Nation”.

  • The Castle of Good Hope
  • The Parade
  • Cape Town City Hall
  • Slave Lodge
  • Company Gardens

All tours are conducted via Zoom. The tour guide will be live on the location and ready to answer any question you may have.

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Cape Town Historic City Centre
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